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Engineering background

There is a recurring theme with all these so called proper jobs... Each employer has moved the roles around depending on business needs and sometimes then closed the site down. This has not always been easy but every change has brought about a depth of understanding of the different requirements of Design, Engineering, Logistics, Training, Maintenance, Quality, Cost and Delivery of whatever product or project is required. Large multi-national companies have tremendous resources regarding training and know-how and they all have their own systems and styles of working. They are all generally very good at what they do and there is a lot to be learned by them all - in all their complexities.

Previous Experience

University of Strathclyde

Graduated with B.Eng in Production Engineering and Management in 1988.

Babcock Energy Ltd - Renfrew (1988)

Initially worked as Production Engineer for the fabrication shop involved with Nuclear, Defence and conventional Power Station contracts. Responsibilities included Jig & Fixture design, Facility installation (including a new CNC gas and plasma profiling machine, factory layout changes for each job going through the shop and CNC Programming. Extensive use was made of Spreadsheets to manage the vast amounts of individual steel components required for each fabrication job. Was appointed System Administrator for the CAD & CNC programming network for the Machine shop, Plating shop and Fabrication shop.

Babcock Energy Ltd - Dumbarton (1990)

Was appointed Project Engineer responsible for the successful installation of a multi million pound investment installing two brand new High Frequency welding production lines to manufacture spiral finned tubes in the Dumbarton Tube works. Installed the equipment on time and within budget, created all documentation and procedures with accreditation to BS5750 and set up a self-contained team of skilled maintenance fitters and production operators working together on 3 shifts to operate and maintain the lines. Once the machines were working, optimised the cycle times to over-achieve Babcock's own requiements and were able to take on external work at very high profits. The boiler tubes produced were used in Combined Cycle Power Stations throughout UK.

Babcock Energy Ltd - Renfrew (1991)

On successful completion of the Tube works project, was moved back to Renfrew's main CAD Design Department and was involved with writing macro programs in Fortran to assist Designers with repetitive drawing creation functions and ensuring the mainframe systems all worked. This was the first time I worked with a 3D Cad system - which was a rare thing indeed in 1991 but it turns out that the current systems operate in exactly the same way 30 years later. Was made redundant along with many others across the site.

Volvo Trucks and Buses Ltd - Irvine and China (1991)

Worked initially as the Design Change Controller responsible for Bus Assembly operations in UK then moved to Production Engineering for the B10M Bus Assembly line in Irvine.
Spent 6 months as the Project Engineer with The Silver Bus Company to build the B6 Volvo Bus Chassis in an old aircraft hanger near Xian in China from kits sent from Irvine in Scotland. The project included all aspects of Bus Chassis Assembly and design of all tools and equipment required locally in China. Only a couple of Chinese Engineers spoke any English at all and I'd spend all day with Chinese workers on the line demonstrating how to build the buses using my very best Mandarin key phrases.

Volvo Trucks and Buses Ltd - Irvine (1997)

On return from China was appointed Project Leader for the introduction of a brand new super low floor version of the B6 Bus from concept through prototype build and creation of Assembly Instructions. Volvo then announced the intention to close the factory so I moved to Sunderland.

Nissan Motor Mfg UK Ltd - Trim and Chassis (1998)

Production Engineer for Trim & Chassis factory responsible for supporting Production department for Chassis assembly with torque control, minor facility modifications and general productivity and quality improvements.

Nissan Motor Mfg UK Ltd - Paintshop (1999)

Moved to Paintshop to co-ordinate new model introductions and so was responsible for the design and supply of all new special tools and facilities required to carry the new cars through the highly automated process without damage. All documentation for the new models were also required to be created including Operation Sheets for every process and overall project Schedules. Co-ordination of all trials and the improvements of all processes was a huge task and then to solve all concerns raised throughout the introduction. The role required extensive use of 2D Autocad to design together with the Kaizen workshop to develop and then local suppliers to make the new tools and facilities.
After 2 years was moved again within Paint Engineering to become the Engineer responsible for investigating and improving the Pre-treatment and Electrocoat Process - which is absolutely critical for corrosion protection of the cars. Carried out a large scale QC Story project to reduce paint defects in the Electrocoat line and initiated major capital projects to improve the key processes.

Nissan Motor Mfg UK Ltd - Bodyshop (2003)

Worked for 8 years in Bodyshop as Engineer supporting 5 production zones in the end. Utilised statistical quality control on a daily basis to monitor the quality of the final cars with regard to door, hoods and tailgate gaps and flush values for all models. There is a culture of continuous improvement in Nissan and so there is always a need to improve each element of the production process by designing improvements to Jigs and Fixtures and optimising Cycle times for both manual and robotic applications. Modified line layouts and worked on Low Cost Automation projects along with the Kaizen workshop team to increase productivity and reduce operator care concerns. Created facility specifications for modifications to the production lines and co-ordinated facility installation projects with local and major OEM contractors. Introduced High Capability DC Torque Tools on two production lines with total traceability of torque values per chassis stored automatically in a database. Used Autocad 2D Cad extensively as well as I-DEAS and CATIA 3D Cad systems.

Cad Supreme Ltd is available for small to medium 3D Design projects including Design, Manufacture and Project Management as required. Larger projects may be tackled as the role of Project Manager utilising a network of local suppliers and contacts built-up over many years working in the North East.