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Engineering Clients

Cad Supreme Ltd was formed in 2011 and have carried out a variety of 3D Design and Engineering Services for clients based in the North East of England. These clients form two distinct groups. Those where Gordon Callander (Director) had personal contacts with as local Engineering Contractors who regularly carried out work in Nissan, and those who simply found CAD Supreme via an internet search when the need arose. Cad Supreme Ltd was added to the supplier base for Nissan in 2013 and the following years were extremely busy. This period was often too busy as Gordon now had a daughter to look after while his wife was out working as a Doctor but everything calmed down once the little one went off to school.

Client List

Altec Engineering Ltd

Worked as Contract Draghtsman for the mechanical design of a complete new production cell for a major automotive client in Darlington. Design was completed just before covid hit the UK. Altec manufactured and installed the equipment once lockdown permitted.

Mitie Property Services (UK) Limited

Site survey and creation of layout drawings for machine tool relocations at Rolls Royce site in Pallion, Sunderland.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

Design, manufacture and installation projects initially as a sub contractor to Rapid Engineering NE, Serra and Owben and then directly for Nissan. The various projects involved 3D modelling, design and installation of new tooling and equipment as well as modifications to existing equipment. This includes design, sourcing of components, general fabrication, laser profiling, CNC machining, powder coating, installation, commissioning and buyoff. All modifications designed and modelled in 3D before manufacture and installation. Electrical Contractors and PLC Programmers who often work in Nissan are brought in when required depending on the project.

Owben Ltd

Design and manufacture of a variety of quality inspection gauge tools and re-design of an Automatic Guided Vehicle for Nissan as well as general design and fabrication work.

R & B Controls Solutions Ltd

Design and manufacture of general mechanical projects at Nissan in Sunderland for this Electrical Contractor. R&B have also carried out Electrical work in Nissan for Cad Supreme jobs.

Rapid Engineering NE Ltd

Design of new safety fencing for Faltec Europe Ltd and a variety of general enqineering projects involving design, manufacture and installation of facilities at Nissan in Sunderland.

Renium Ltd

Engineering support for Research and Development projects involving 3D modeling and development of the design for all components using Solidworks. Drawings created for CNC manufacture of all components including the creation of Rapid Prototype parts using 3D-printing directly from iges/step files.

Serra Soldadura S.A.U, Barcelona

Sub Contract work in the North East for this OEM welding equipment supplier who is based in Spain. This involved client requested modifications and improvements as well as rectification of minor snags found during commissioning of several brand new production lines at two client sites in Sunderland and Washington.

SMH Products Ltd

Full survey of existing factory as well as a vacant proposed new factory using laser measurement equipment and the creation of accurate layout drawings of the entire sites using AutoCad.

SMH Products Ltd

Measured and 3D modelled every component used in the factory, then created assembled 3D models of the finished products to be used to support Homologation Type Approval for a range of special purpose trailers used in the asbestos removal industry.

SMH Products Ltd

Design of new products to support expansion into new business sectors using the experience gained from modelling the current products. These new designs utilised as many existing components and assembly methods as possible to easily expand the market possibilites using the existing parts and skill base of the workforce.

University of Durham Business School

Design assistance to support new product design for a business proposal project.

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Cad Supreme Ltd is available for small to medium 3D Design projects including Design, Manufacture and Project Management as required. Larger projects may be tackled as the role of Project Manager utilising a network of local suppliers and contacts built-up over many years working in the North East - Fabricators, Laser Profiling, Precision CNC components and Powder Coating of components and Electrical Contractors and PLC Programmers.